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prices. prices up to an all-time high in california. innen effort to ease the burden, governor brown took emergency action today. kimberly tere has more on that an it seems you found one of the cheapest places for gas in the area. >> reporter: at this gas station on mcgee and north 33rd, you can see for yourself, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded is 4.37. 31 cents less than the state average but most say it isn't a bargain. >> i'm not working so i'm looking for the cheapest gas. >> looks like she found it. it has been busy all day with drivers looking to save at the pump. >> i try to get it where it is the cheapest and this is the area to come. >> reporter: worth the wait? >> i can say it is. >> reporter: governor jerry brown is now stepping in an unprecedented move aimed at driving down gas prices, brown directed the california air resources board to alu the production of less expensive winter blend of gas. >> winter blend is essentially a similar type of gasoline that doesn't have to meet as stringent air pollution requirements. with summer months, cleaner version is necessary
on a california ballot that will raise taxes. one directly helps schools and the other has broader goals. and there's plenty of controversy with both of them. today the head of california schools weighed in on both of them. kimberly terry has a look at both propositions and what would happen if both passed. kimberly? >> reporter: it seems one thing most people can agree on is that public funding or public education desperately needs funding. how to get it? that's where the controversy comes in. let's take a closer look at what each measure is. prop 30 is a 7-year plan. it would raise income tax for californians making $250,000 or more a year. by 3%. it would also raise the sales tax by a quarter percent. the money would be used to fund k-12 and higher education. public safety programs and the remainor hoping to balance the state budget. prop 38 backed by civil rights attorney molly must knower will last 12 years and increase personal income taxes on a sliding scale. the money would be almost exclusively used for k-12 education. >> if you peel back the rhetoric. if you strip away the argu
. >>> ahead, an investigative unit exposed unregulated oil fracking. the changes that are coming to california's energy industry. >> it would have been better if we done this 10, 20, 30 years ago. >> the nbc bay area steven stock gets answers from the state. >>> a man is accused of trying to blow up the federal reserve in new york city. we will tell you how he planned to do it next. >>> more on the big event that got the bay area buzzing tonight. this fire ball in the night sky. >>> good evening, i'm in the weather center and we will let you know when the best viewing is for the upcoming meteor shower. otherwise with, it was hot today. santa rosa 98. we will track changes in the seven day and let you know when the rain arrives in a few minutes. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight. >>> decision 2012 moving from big bird to binders of wyoming thousands of women are fired up about the presidential debate and social
the next system that's starting to push in across southern california. you can see the rainfall in the north bay, along the northern coastline. it is getting very close. now, our third system in three days. what do we expect with this storm as it gets closer for the morning hours? rain will be picking up. more moderate, pockets of heavy rain pushing down in san francisco, and also the south bay. but at this point, we do expect some widespread rain for the morning hours and also a very cold start with temperatures that will be in the 40s. we'll have details on that first game of the world series. and if we expect the rain, coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, jeff. >>> it is a surfer's worst fear, a shark attack. a 39-year-old man is dead after being attacked by a shark off the central coast. was it a great white? and when will it be safe to go back in the water? george kiriyama joins us. >> reporter: shark attacks do not happen often. and people dying from shark attacks is even more rare. what happened is sad. >> it's unfortunate it happened. and we just hope that the famil
to an investigative reporter for the orange county register, a law firm that represents more than 120 california police unions created that play book. herrera argues it is telling to her that leaders denounced her today but didn't directly deny the existence of the play book. >> my issue with the union leadership and the -- i find it curious the mail piece they referred to they didn't deny its existence and didn't refute what it talks about. they simply continued their hatred attack against me. >> herrera is running for re-election in san jose's district 8. >>> new at 11:00, someone shot to death two people tonight in the east bay. it happened around 5:30 this evening in an unincorporated area near antioch and pittsburgh off of highway 4. when police arrived on the scene they say they found a man and woman suffering from gunshot wounds. the man was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman died at the hospital. police say they have no motive for the shooting or any suspects at this time. >>> we have new information tonight about the fire at the chevron refinery in richmond last month. the corro
and traffic was congested as drivers tried to find alternate routes. california highway patrol and san francisco police did work with the secret service and were, as you can imagine, all around here, very highly visible around the area. live in san francisco tonight. nbc bay area news. >> as the president makes big money in the bay area, his republican rival is also some big gains after last week's debate. a new poll by the pugh research center shows mitt romney is now we've the president among registered voters. last month he was trailing by nine points. the poll shows among likely voters, romney holds the four-point edge over obama. 49-45. and this video just in. the president arriving back at the hotel in san francisco. he'll spend the night there and head to columbus, ohio, in the morning before heading back home to washington, d.c. we have complete coverage of the president's bay area visit on our website. nbcbayarea.com including insider details on the president's private events. >>> gas prices hit another record high in california today. but relief could be in sight. analysts sa
. the washington police found the car stolen wednesday, they are linked to a crime spree in southern california. investigators say darnell escaped from the san bernardino prison with his wife's help, and shot a police officer. the hercules police are still interviewing the suspects. the bail is set at 3 million apiece. >>> and state regulatories want them to pick up the tab for overhauling its gas pipelines. after the deadly explosion of san bruno in 2010, pg&e proposed billing the customers for part of the costs. but today, the ruling was that they would pay for two thirds of the upgrade, and the consumers, the other third. the final decision now goes to the final committee. >>> and the endeavour is slowing making its way to the california science center via city streets. the shuttle left l.a.x. well before sunrise, rolled on a 160-wheel carrier. here is a look at the shuttle, the journey called "mission 26," going at a top speed of two miles an hour. they're maneuvering through the area, dodging power poles and buildings. if all goes as planned, the shuttle will reach its destination tomorrow
to change the law. a california congresswoman is calling for a new law for kids who work in agriculture. stephen stock is back with the story. >> reporter: in a political season where the presidential campaign is gathering all the attention, there is a quiet movement starting on capitol hill right now to change the law governing children working in our fields. but even supporters of that proposed law admit that nothing is likely to happen quickly. and any change faces a tough political opposition. harvest season is pretty much over in california's central valley. only a few grapes and raisins left to pick. most of these migrant warm workers and their families are packing up and moving on. following the crops north to oregon and washington. 3,000 miles away, in the halls of congress, the issue of child labor in agriculture has gained new attention. >> i was shocked. i really do believe this is one of our country's dirty little secrets. >> reporter: that's why, after watching our investigation documenting child labor here in california and in north carolina, los angeles congresswoman luci
in san francisco. this is cell phone video of police in riot gear near california and battery streets. police say a group of demonstrators marched in that area, vandalizing cars and businesses along the way. when police intervene, protesters reportedly threw flares and bags of paint and rocks at the officers. one officer was hit in the head but is expected to be okay. many of the protesters wore masks, and police say some were armed with hammers. the visitors were warned, traffic can be terrible but today, getting into san francisco really was not terrible at all. here's a life look at the toll plaza. traffic is flowing smoothly and it has been flowing smoothly all day as well. we have crews throughout the city and one in detroit, covering the oakland as. we want to begin with jamie sire who is at at&t park for the giants who suffered a tough loss. >> reporter: normally when the opposing pitcher leaves after eight pitches, it would bode well for the home team. unfortunately for the giants, they could not capitalize on that early opportunity and they do drop game one against the reds.
. a tsunami warning is in effect for much of the west coast tonight, including northern california and hawaii. the warning follows a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that hit off the coast of western canada. and meteorologists keeping track of it for us. >> we were just watching from the pacific coast tsunami center. also the one in alaska putting northern california under an advisory. this is about 80 miles northwest of san francisco. so for reference on the coast that is close to point arena. the history of this tsunami so far around british columbia has been seeing reports of about a half foot to a 3/4 foot rise. so thankfully this does not look like a major tsunami event. however, it is being treated very seriously across the pacific where there is a tsunami warning for hawaii where some larger than expected waves of maybe one to two or three feet will be arriving at 1:00 in the morning our time. for the bay area know it looks like after midnight, we could see a quarter foot to a half foot along the coast. that may get extended toward santa barbara. as happens in these events. if it hits an inlet
to get through security. >>> plus, just a week after a deadly shark attack, a california surfer is badly injured in another attack. >>> we're watching areas of low clouds and misty skies for your morning commute tomorrow. and a satellite showing our incoming storm system is speeding up. when can rain will arrive and how it might affect the championship parade. >>> he was arrested at sfo for trying to smuggle cocaine to japan. he was allegedly carrying 100 cocaine-filled pellets in his intestined. he was acting as a carrier to elude customs officers. he was taken to the hospital and monitored by the staff until he passed all 2 1/2 pounds of the pellets that tested positive for cocaine. >>> one week until the election day, and mud is flying in san jose with accusations of dirty politics in the district council race. nguyen supporters say they caught on video, herrera husband, seen here, dumping nguyen's campaign signs in a trash can. but herrera's husband says that's not how it happened. he said the signs were posted on his front line. and he was attacked when he tried to get rid of them.
sentenced to prison for life in california when they were juveniles could get a second chance thanks to a bill signed by governor brown today. more than 300 inmates are serving life without parole for murders they committed as teenagers. brown says the bill would allow inmates to ask judges to reconsider their sentences after they serve at least 15 years. judges could then reduce the no-parole sentence to 25 years to life if the inmate shows remorse and is taking steps toward rehabilitation. >>> arnold schwarzenegger's revealing some long-held secrets in his new autobiography. the book is called "total recall, my unbelievably true life story" and it comes out tomorrow. the associated press bought a copy and said not only did he keep secret that he feared a child with the housekeeper but his decision to run for governor. he traces his detachment back to his body building days when he wb quote became an expert in living in denial. arnold schwarzenegger's filed for divorce in july. >>> we have new information tonight on the shutdown of the 405 in los angeles. traffic nightmare it was no
in northern california, so no rain expected here tomorrow morning swrf the storm system. we do have a firnt watch posted. >> ears wasn't we're going to get that snow here for you. theerz the thing that not only action off the rail fall. we think another uplit in the atmosphere. taif a faek's dry for saturday. we'll have the fog in the thelg and thaet what i next let's bring you into that forecast. >> well, not covered. the add advance this into the afternoon hours, we'll get some, and then as we head reid, and then our next chance of showers coming our way accumulating reign, ger to go to sp, figure -- about a quarter inch area across the bear area but definitely a wet kmeet as we head back. lake taum positive. he will be up about a foot in your king shale. project them out at 75. sob yaes. instead of 90s we're us also going by low 60s and. also 66 in richmond. >>> on four that chens of accumulating rain as we mentioned. then tuesday, not only rain does the paerp for oem i would if you have outdoor plans, do it on sunday. >>> waiting for the next meteor show in the bay area. we're going to
, after a two-hour investigation after the hit-and-run that happened about 8:30 tonight. california highway patrol says the vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian, southbound near the park avenue exit. the victim is a san jose man whose identity police are not releasing until his family is notified. no word yet on why this man was on the freeway. the police shut down the westbound julian on-ramp and one lane of i-87 to investigate. but we're told that those since have reopened. police were able to seek two witnesses and at this hour are trying to get a better description of the vehicle involved in this hit-and-run. if you know anything about this accident on southbound 87 just north of park avenue you are asked to call california highway patrol. and of course, we're learn more details and pass them on to you. live, san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >>> and new tonight, a high school volleyball coach has been ordered to stay off campus. police in lafayette was told that the man was having an inappropriate relationship with a female student. he coaches at the high school. i
. but some votes are already being counted here in california. they were in martinez as they started opening absentee ballots. today is the first day that can be done. officials will start counting the votes beginning next week. it's estimated more than 1 million californians have already cast a ballot. contra costa county expects to get about 250,000 absentee ballots. >>> we've been told for years if it's the right thing to do to donate blood. what if it puts your own health at risk. a peninsula man says he has a life-threatening infection and mounting medical bills after donating his blood to the stanford blood center. the university contends it's nearly impossible to get his type of infection from a blood donation. here's nbc bay area marianne. >> reporter: christopher bowie donated blood to stanford blood center for more than 20 years giving six times a year, the maximum you are allowed. but he says after donating four years ago, he developed a serious infection. his symptoms started with a sweaty arm and got worse. >> i just screamed, and it was a searing, just terrible pain through her
's right. by all accounts this was such a rare thunderstorm to develop here not only in california but for a lot of the west. you can see from 3:15 to 3:45 this afternoon numerous lightning strikes. it is what we like to call a super cell thunderstorm. it produced quarter sized hail and winds at the surface 50 miles per hour and numerous lightning strikes. what i want to draw your attention to now is you see the area of magenta at highway 101 and 152 that is the epicenter. that is the highest intensity you get on that rain scale. another indication of how strong that super cell thunderstorm was. earlier today we had the quarter sized hail that covered the roads, the street and the lawns and cars across gill roy. we are not finding any of that right now on the radar. we are still tracking more moderate and a few pockets of heavier rainfall into the north bay and some of our first fall rain continues to come down there. we will have details on how long this lasts and if there is severe weather in the forecast coming up. >>> new details on a 24-year-old missing person case. a possible
officer at a venture capital firm and moen work for caldwell banker in southern california. the two have kept in touch over the years. >> i just saw him. as he good guy as ever and you know, god bless him and his family. >> reporter: both men assure us there have never been any hard feelings. >> he kept a pretty good perspective about it. it wasn't an historical game but we kind of have some fun with it now as well. >> he wants an apology from me. >> reporter: and the trombone is now on display at the college football hall of fame. by the way, chris, stanford won today 21-3. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >>> tonight, four time olympic gold medalist missy franklin is a golden bear. she announced today she will swim for cal, saying she instantly felt at home when she visited the university. franklin will be reunited with cal coach terry mcever who coach in london. cal, of course, is known for producing top notch swimmers including the most decorated female of all time, bay area native. >>> the giants fans are rallying behind ryan vogelsong. take a look at. why he said he must
of heavy rainfall. very rare california tornadoes were tracked. five of them in the sacramento valley. this was likely an ef-0 or ef-1 tornado. numerous lightning strikes and minor damage. we'll have the full wrap up in my forecast. >>> and still to come, the presidential candidates square off in the final debate. >> you skipped israel, our closest friend in the region, but you went to the other nations, and by the way, they notice that had you skipped israel. >> when i went to israel as a candidate, i didn't take donors, i didn't attempt fund-raisers. >> back and forth on foreign policy and what got the president talking about horses and bayonets tonight. how did the candidates fair when it came to delivering the facts? >>> police say they caught a mail thief and are surprised by his junior partner this crime, and much more on the giants return to the world series. highlights of tonight's game coming up in sports. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student l
in southern california for an appearance on t "the tonight show" with jay leno. the president greeted with a standing ovation from a packed audience. he talked about a wide range of topics near and dear to the bay area and in facebook. however, he refuses to endorse a team. one ot highlights from the night was when he was asked about the situation between him and donald trump. >> this all dates back from when we were growing up together in kenya? >> i've got to give you that one. >> you can hear more immediately following this newscast. giants fans have seen her at the ballpark for years. in fact, for decades. but as of tonight, the entire country saw the most famous grandmother in the bay area. did you see here? the dancing grandma. now, every game, she ignites the crowd at at&t park. but every year, they show her several times during the broadcast. her son, mas rio is a giant's executive. she's got plenty of reasons to smile and dance, especially, after tonight. >> it's the best thing that ever happened. i love it. this is great. >> rosalie says so. she stands 4'10". she immigrated
to worry about is being taken advantage of. funerals are a multibillion-dollar industry in california. the business of caring for the dead has its share of problems. vicki joins us now. >> it is enough to make your skin crawl. bodies left to mummify and graves dug up to be reused. these are true stories. some of them are funeral directors behaving badly and others are crimes. is there enough state oversight to ensure the dignity of the dead? >> it's a hearse. >> reporter: these youtube videos captured the disbelief of drivers. that is funeral service owner and that is his hearse on fire after he side swiped another car. officers rescued the casket inside carrying the body of a holocaust survivor. he was arrested for driving drunk and his funeral director's license was suspended. he was busted for a second dui. he has sense shut down his mobile funeral business. >> i was in shock. >> reporter: david wells nightmare made local headlines. he says he paid $1,500 for the cremation of his father. weeks past and the ashes never came. >> the guy had a cooler in there which it was hot in there
. this costco station in southern california ran out of gas on thursday and customers were directed to another costco in a nearby town. the days of the full tank may be over for some. they can't afford it. >> i've got enough to get home. >> reporter: jessica yang, shopping for bargain brands and considering car pooling to work. >> with the gas prices rising and my income level staying the same, it's very difficult to be able to afford gas and other things and rent, things like that. >> reporter: and you can see despite the high price of gasoline, people are pumping up right now as we speak. one analyst said expect prices to continue rising for a little while. maybe $6 a gallon? i hope not. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. >>> there's a good chance it impacts you or someone you know. an estimated 30% of children in the united states have been bullied or have bullied someone else. >> it's an epidemic growing. but there's one 5-year-old girl, born with a fatal condition, who has become a target. now her family and total strangers across the country are asking who is respo
. there are more than 100 california schools using higher one, 15 of them in the bay area. the most prevalent charges include 50 cents every time a student swipes with a pin at a merchant. and a minimum $2.50 for using a nonhigher one atm plus whatever fee that atm charges. this is the only atm serving 11,000 students, who say thend up using this, forced to use a nonhigher atm and pay fees. >> they're going to give you no choice but to add to their profit. >> this is federal aide we're talking about, federal taxpayer money. >> students are not required to open up a higher one account to receive their financial aide. if they open an account with higher one, there are absolutely no hidden fees. our charges are competitive with national and regional banks around the country and students are required to read the pop-up disclosure of the fee schedule before they are permitted to open an account. all the information is up front and no nonsense. higher one also says the deposit into a personal bank account can happen as fast as 24 to 48 hours, students told nbc bay area it took much longer. >> it wa
senate majority leader george mitchell has agreed to mediate talks between pg&e and the california public utility commissions. the issue is how much should pg&e pay in finance for the september 2010 blast that killed 8 people? senator mitchell brokered a peace treaty in northern ireland. he also led the investigation into the use of performance enhancing drugs in major league baseball. >>> well, coming up, you're on the do not call list but your phone is still ringing. tonight we investigate what's behind the comeback of the annoying phone calls and the one thing you may be doing wrong that's leading to them. >>> also, president obama and mitt romney will debate domestic and foreign policy tomorrow. and it's that format that could favor one of them. >>> and on the eve of that debate secretary of state hillary clinton makes an admission about the benghazi attack that killed bay area native and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >>> i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking showers off to the north getting close to the bay area. we'll detail if we'll have any of that.
.m. and will last throughout the day. >> not just in california. well, we are quite in regard with earthquakes here. a rare quake in new england tonight took people there by surprise. the earthquake happened just after 7:00. the epicenter in a small city, about 20 miles west of portland, maine. they compared it to an off kilter washing machine. >> a bay area mom fights to keep her son in school after his medical history is revealed. >> the fear of the worst case scenario here without an injection of common sense. >> tonight, whied her son is being classified as a health risk and the fight to prove the school district is wrong. we'll take you inside this c controversy. >> she's in the prime of her career and diagnosed with alzheimer's. see how one woman is trying to slow down the disease as she prepares for the future. >> a new water front arena. at least those plans in san francisco. >> good evening, with at the time the wealther center with some temperatures well above average today. and also some drying winds prompting for fairfield and valejo. our next chance of rain coming up in the seven day.
down to this pension conference in southern california. he stayed at a spa. registered as a member of police and fire and dined. his trip cost the retirement board $1,200. he then billed the water district his daily appearance fee, picking up $1,100. no other water district in the state attended. because only members are invited. santa clara valley water district isn't on the list. could that be perceived as double dipping? >> i think it is more than a thatterception. >> you need understand our policies and procedures and i never violate those. >> reporter: here they are. the district's policy says directors can only charge for meetings related to district issues. it also reads, directors can only charge for conferences open to the district or the public. calapers wasn't. >> it seems like he's taking advantage of taxpayers. >> reporter: i don't think so. he said they do relate to the district. >> they go to a lot of meetings. and it is related to what we do here at the district. >> reporter: we're still trying the figure out how attending envision san jose 2040 is related. santos i
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